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thelesbianmafia's Journal

The Lesbian Mafia
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This community was created by gloomypussy and impurenotions.
The bouncer for the community is shabakafya.
Piss us off and we'll piss on your face.

The purpose of this community is to find only the baddest of ass lesbians/bisexuals/grrls who can prove they are worthy with pictures of themselves doing something: bad ass, hilarious, out of control, sexual, hot, disgusting, wild and/or crazy.

The accepted Mafia will judge while the creators/mods have final say in acceptance.
When you are accepted into the Mafia you will receive your pink beret.

After this you can post whatever you please.

Good luck.

ass, attitude, bad ass lesbians, baseball bats, bikini kill, bitch and animal, bitches, bondage, booze, cibo matto, distillers, drugs, dykes, fucks, gash, grrls, havoc, kiss my fist, kissing, l7, lesbo stalking, love, meaty crotch, nice boobs!, pictures, pink jellybean, porn, punk, recruiting, rock and roll, rough sex, ruckus, s&m, sex, sexy sex, skanks, slits, sluts, snails, the alliance, tilt, tits & clits, whores, wimmin, wimmins comix, women, womyn, x